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Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory


Direct contact information, as well as links to individual pages, for faculty, staff, students, and alumni are below.  If you need assistance but do not know who to contact, visit our Contact Info page.


Craig Watson
813-671-5230 x107


Head shot (close-up) of Eric CassianoEric Cassiano, M.S.
Assistant Extension Scientist
813-671-5230 x109 


Jeff Hill, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Non-native Species & Aquaculture
813-671-5230 x118


Roy YanongRoy Yanong, V.M.D.
Professor & Extension Veterinarian
813-671-5230 x104


Matthew DiMaggio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ornamental Aquaculture
813-671-5230 x115 


Quenton Tuckett, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Scientist
Aquatic Ecology
813-671-5230 x114 



Micah Alo, M.S.
Farm Manager / Biologist
813-671-5230 x112



Clayton PatmagrianClayton Patmagrian
Farm Technician



Holly QuillenHolly Quillen
Office Manager
813-671-5230 x100  



Amy WoodAmy Wood
813-671-5230 x112



Sarah Woolley head shot (150 x 180)Sarah Woolley Hutchins



Debbie Pouder, M.Aq.
Diagnostic Lab Manager /
Coordinator, Research Programs & Services
813-671-5230 x106


Laura Smith (head shot)Laura Smith



Graduate Students

Noah Boldt (head shot)Noah Boldt
M.S. Student



Taylor Lipscomb
Ph.D. Candidate



Grace Sowaske head shot (150 x 180)Grace Sowaske
M.S. Student



Allison Durland Donahue head shot (150 x 180)Allison Durland Donahou
Ph.D. Candidate



Casey Murray (head shot)Casey Murray
Ph.D. Student



On-Site Partners

Robert AlexanderBob Alexander
South Florida District Supervisor
USDA APHIS Wildlife Services
813-671-5230 x105


Kathleen HartmanKathleen Hartman, M.S., D.V.M., Ph.D.
Aquaculture Program Leader
USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
813-671-5230 x119



Elizabeth Groover
M.S., 2018



Katelyn Lawson
Ph.D., 2018



Shane Ramee
Ph.D., 2019



Lauren Lapham head shot (150 x 180)
Lauren Lapham
M.S., 2019



Tim Lyons
M.S., 2018



Michael Sipos
M.S., 2018