Eric Cassiano

Assistant Extension Scientist

Phone:  (813) 671-5230 x109


M.S., Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 2009, University of Florida

B.S., Marine Biology, 2002, Hawaii Pacific University

Research Publications

Degidio, J.M., R.P.E Yanong, C.L. Ohs, C.A. Watson, E.J. Cassiano and K.P. Bardon. 2017. First feeding parameters of the milletseed butterfly fish, Chaetodon miliaris. Aquaculture Research. DOI:10.1111/are.13558.

Broach, J.S., E.J. Cassiano and C.A. Watson.  2017.  Baseline culture parameters for the cyclopoid copepod Oithona colcarva; a potential new live feed for marine fish larviculture.  Aquaculture Research.  DOI: 10.1111/are.13271.

Degidio, J-M.L.A., R.P.E. Yanong, C.A. Watson, C.L. Ohs, E.J. Cassiano and K.P. Barden. 2017. Spawning, embryology, and larval development of the milletseed butterflyfish, Chaetodon milaris, in the laboratory. North American Journal of Aquaculture.  79(3): 205-215.

DiMaggio, M. A., Cassiano, E. J., Barden, K. P., Ramee, S. W., Ohs, C. L. & Watson, C. A. 2017. First Record of Captive Larval Culture and Metamorphosis of the Pacific Blue Tang, Paracanthurus hepatus.  Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 48: 393-401.

Hauville, M.R., E.J. Cassiano, K.P. Barden, M.L. Wittenrich and C.A. Watson. 2017.  Larval development, growth and impact of first feed on the aquaculture of French grunt, Haemulon flavolineatum.  Aquaculture Research. DOI: 101111/are.13336

Cassiano, E.J., M.L. Wittenrich, T.B. Waltzek, N.K. Steckler, K.P. Barden and C.A. Watson.  2015.  Utilizing public aquariums and molecular identification techniques to address the larviculture potential of Pacific blue tangs (Paracanthurus hepatus), semicircle angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatis), and bannerfish (Heniochus sp.).  Aquaculture International 23(1):253-265.

Cassiano, E.J., M.L. Wittenrich, G.C. Violetta and C.A. Watson.  2012.  Growth and survival of porkfish, Anisotremus virginicus, larvae: comparing rotifers and copepod nauplii during first feeding.  Animal Biology and Animal Husbandry 4(2):72-78.

Wittenrich, M.L., R.G. Turingan and E.J. Cassiano.  2012.  Rearing tank size effects feeding performance, growth, and survival of sergeant major, Abudefduf saxatilis, larvae.  Aquaculture Aquarium Conservation & Legislation 5(5):393-402.

Cassiano, E.J., C.L. Ohs and M.A. DiMaggio.  2012.  Stress survival in larvae of Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) fed enriched rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis) and nauplii of the calanoid copepod (Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus).  The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture-Bamidgeh 64:793-801.

Cassiano, E.J., C.L. Ohs, C.R. Weirich, N.E. Breen and A.L. Rhyne.  2011.  Performance of larval Florida pompano, Trachinotus carolinus, fed nauplii of the calanoid copepod Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 73:114-123.

Extension Publications

Cassiano, E., M. DiMaggio, C. Ohs, and J. Marcellus. 2015. Using Airlifts to Collect and Concentrate Copepod Nauplii. University of Florida/IFAS EDIS Publication FA188. (

Kevin P. Barden, Matthew L. Wittenrich, and Eric J. Cassiano. 2014. Candidate Species for Marine Ornamental Aquaculture: French Grunt, Haemulon flavolineatum. University of Florida/IFAS EDIS Publication FA 186. (

Eric J. Cassiano, Cortney L. Ohs, and Jeff E. Hill. 2009. Candidate Species for Florida Aquaculture: Pigfish, Orthropristis chrysoptera. University of Florida/IFAS EDIS Publication FA 160.  (

Cortney L. Ohs, Eric J. Cassiano, and Adelaide Rhodes. 2009. Choosing an Appropriate Live Feed for Larviculture of Marine Fish. University of Florida/IFAS EDIS Publication FA 167. (

Eric Cassiano and Kevin Barden. 2014. Candidate Species for Marine Ornamental Aquaculture: Porkfish, Anisotremis virginicus. University of Florida/IFAS EDIS Publication FA 187. (

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Eric Cassiano

Eric Cassiano