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Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Tropical Aquaculture Lab Publications

The following research publications are authored or co-authored by UF Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory faculty, staff, and/or students.



Hassan, Md.M., A.R. Pilnick, A.M. Petrosino, J. Harpring, C.J. Schwab, K.L. O'Neil, and J.T. Peterson. Growth and foraging behavior of hatchery propagated long-spined sea urchins, Diadema antillarum: Implications for aquaculture and restocking.  Aquaculture Reports 26: 1011298. 

Bullard, S.A., F. Moravec, S.P. Ksepska, M.B. Warren, H.R. Dutton, D.G. Huffman, and R.P.E. Yanong. 2022. Huffmanela cf. huffmani (Nemotada: Trichosomioididae) infecting swim bladder, peritoneum, and gonad of variable platyfish, Xiphophorus variatus (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae) and eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki (Poeciliidae) in Florida; taxonomy, phylogenic analysis and pathological changes. Parasitology Research 121(8): 2307-2323. 

L. Vilizzi, J.E. Hill, M. Piria, and G.H. Copp. 2022. A protocol for screening potentially invasive non-native species using Weed Risk Assessment-type decision-support tools. Science of the Total Environment Volume 832: 154966.

Breton, T.S., C.A. Murray, S. Huff, A.M. Phaneuf, B. Tripp, S.J. Patuel, C.J. Martyniuk, M.A. DiMaggio. 2022. Phoenixin-14 alters transcriptome and steroid profiles in female green-spotted puffer (Dichotomyctere nigroviridis). Scientific Reports (12): 9454. 

Boldt, N.C., C.R. Engle, J. van Senten, E.J. Cassiano, and M.A. DiMaggio. 2022.  A regulatory cost assessment of ornamental aquaculture farms in Florida. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 2022: 1-20. 

Shopnitz, F.A., C.L. Ohs, E.H. Silvy, J.S. Broach, M.A. DiMaggio, J.T. Patterson, and A. Collins. 2022. Evaluation of Anesthesia Protocols for Handling Hogfish Using Tricaine Methanesulfonate and AQUI-S 20E. North American Journal of Aquaculture 84(3): 304-312. 

Ohs, C.L., A.H. Beany, and M.A. DiMaggio. 2022. Survey of Florida marine baitfish retailers: Assessment of wholesale supply and the market potential for cultured pinfish and pigfish. Aquaculture Economics & Management 26(1): 57-76.  

Lipscomb, T.N., A. Durland Donahou, R.P. Yanong, N.C. Boldt and M.A. DiMaggio. 2022. Investigations into Early Larval Feeding Practices for the Tiger Barb Puntigrus tetrazona. North American Journal of Aquaculture 84(1): 53-65. 

Lawson, K.M., and J.E. Hill. 2022. Life history strategies differentiate established from failed non-native freshwater fish in peninsular Florida. Diversity and Distributions 28(1): 160-172. 



Koda, S.A., K. Subramaniam, D.B. Pouder, R.P.Y. Yanong, S. Frasca Jr., V.L. Popov, and T.B. Waltzek. 2021. Complete genome sequences of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus isolated from farmed albino rainbow sharks Epalzeorhynchos frenatum in the United States.  Virus Genes 57: 448-452. 

Yanong, R.P.E. 2021. Preliminary Investigations in Use of Metomidate for Euthanasia of Ornamental Fishes. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 33(3): 133-138. 

Tuckett, Q.M., K.M. Lawson, T.N. Lipscomb, J.E. Hill, W.M. Daniel, and Z.A. Siders. 2021. Non-native poeciliids in hot water: the role of thermal springs in facilitating invasion of tropical species. Hydrobiologia 848:4731-4745. 

Henry, J.A., K.L. O'Neil, A.R. Pilnick, and J.T. Patterson. 2021. Strategies for integrating sexually propagated corals into Caribbean reef restoration: experimental results and considerations. Coral Reefs 40(5): 1667-1677. 

Henry, J.A., R.B. Khattri, J. Guingab-Cagmat, M.E. Merritt, T.J. Garrett, J.T. Peterson, and K.E. Lohr. 2021. Intraspecific variation in polar and nonpolar metabilite profiles of a threatened Caribbean coral. Metabolomics 17(7): 1-12. 

Vilizzi, L., J.E. Hill, A.L. Durland Donahou, T.J. Lyons, Q.M. Tuckett, and 195 other authors. 2021. A global-scale screening of non-native aquatic organisms to identify potentially invasive species under current and future climate conditions. Science of the Total Environment 788: 147868. 

Schofield, P.J., Q.M. Tuckett, D.H. Slone, K.M. Reaver, and J.E. Hill. 2021. Invasion frustration: can biotic resistance explain the small geographic range of non-native croaking gourami Trichopsis vittata (Cuvier, 1831) in Florida, USA? Aquatic Invasions 16(3): 512-526. 

Lawson, K.M., and J.E. Hill. 2021. Predicting successful reproduction and establishment of non-native freshwater fish in peninsular Florida using life history traits. Journal of Vertebrate Biology 70(4): 21041.1-17. 

Tuckett, Q.M., A.E. Deacon, D. Fraser, T.J. Lyons, K.M. Lawson, and J.E. Hill. 2021. Unstable intraguild predation causes establishment failure of a globally invasive species. Ecology 102(8): e03411. 

Rhody, N.R., N.I. Stacy, J.A. Hernandez, G. Patrick, M.J. Resley, and R.P. Yanong. 2021. Blood Analyte Changes of Wild-Caught Almaco Jack in Response to Acclimation to Recirculating Aquaculture Systems and Hyposalinity Treatment. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 33(2): 77-83. 

Breton, T.S., W.G.B. Sampson, B. Clifford, A.M. Phaneuf, I. Smidt, T. True, A.R. Wilcox, T. Lipscomb, C. Murray, and M.A. DiMaggio. 2021. Characterization of the G protein-coupled receptor family SREB across fish evolution. Scientific Reports 11(1): 1-17.

Pilnick, A.R., K.L. O'Neil, M. Moe, and J.T. Patterson. 2021. A novel system for intensive Diadema antillarum propagation as a step towards population enhancement. Scientific Reports 11(1): 1-13. 

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Wright, S.E., N.I. Stacy, R.P. Yanong, R.N. Juhl and G.A. Lewbart. 2021. Hematology and Biochemistry Panel Reference Intervals for Captive Saddleback Clownfish Amphiprion polymnus and Tomato Clownfish A. frenatus. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 33(1): 3-16. 

Cassle, S.E., R.P.E. Yanong, D.B. Pouder, C. Rodriguez, N. Mylniczenko, P.M. Thompson, N.K. Stilwell, K.J. Heym, T. Harmon and N.I. Stacy. 2021. Reference intervals for Blood Analytes of Adult Aquarium-Housed Russian Sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 33(1): 33-43. 

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Groover, E.M., M.M. Alo, S.W. Ramee, T.N. Lipscomb, J-M.L.A. Degidio, and M.A. DiMaggio. 2021. Development of early larviculture protocols for the malanurus wrasse Halichoeres melanurus. Aquaculture 530: 735682. 

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Lipscomb, T.N., R.P. Yanong, S.W. Ramee, and M.A. DiMaggio. 2020. Histological, histochemical and biochemical characterization of larval digestive system ontogeny in black tetra Gymnocorymbus ternetzi to inform aquaculture weaning protocols. Aquaculture 520: 734957.

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DOI: 10.1111/are.13271

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DOI: 101111/are.13336

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