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Eggs from blue tang


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Eric Cassiano with Cub Scouts

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Tilapia without background (100 x 62)

Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV)

The NAA, USDA APHIS Veterinary Services Aquaculture Program, UF IFAS TAL and FDACS have collaborated to create this alert for U.S. tilapia producers, growers, and importers about TiLV.

Craig Watson Fish Farming News

Craig Watson featured in Fish Farming News

Craig Watson is featured in 2017 Issue 3 of Fish Farming News in an article titled "From the Field: Spending time with Florida tropical fish guru Craig Watson" by Bob Robinson.

Melanurus wrasse juveniles

Captive-bred melanurus wrasse juveniles

Graduate student Elizabeth Groover is continuing the ongoing research on breeding melanurus wrasses in captivity in addition to new work on the yellow wrasse as well! Keep up the good work Liz.

Eric Cassiano

Eric Cassiano

Keep an eye out for Eric Cassiano who is the new extension agent for the ornamental fish industry in Florida.


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