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Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Elizabeth Walsh

Graduate Student

Degree Sought:  M.S.
Major Professor: Dr. Quenton Tuckett, Dr. Jeff Hill

Elizabeth Walsh is a graduate student obtaining her Master of Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the UF/IFAS Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory. She is working with Dr. Quenton Tuckett and Dr. Jeff Hill on her research which focuses on analyzing interspecific variation between two invasive species, the eastern and western mosquitofish. These freshwater fish are one of the most widely distributed fish in the world and are very similar morphologically. However, outcome of behavior and invasion in areas which these fish are introduced to has varied between the two species, with the eastern displaying more aggressive behaviors compared to the western species. Her goal is to analyze this variation of outcome, between several populations of these two species and use her results to contribute to a better understanding of the invasion process. 

Elizabeth received her BS from the University of South Florida in 2019. Her major was in Marine Science, and her minor was in Education. Elizabeth has been a full time Hillsborough County Public School Teacher as a middle school science teacher since her graduation.  However, she is currently decreasing her time in the classroom to focus more time and effort into her research and studies. 

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys fishing, diving, snorkeling, and anything other activity on the water. She also enjoys hiking, working out, and photography.

Elizabeth Walsh left

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UF/IFAS Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
1408 24th Street SE
Ruskin, FL  33570

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    B.S., Marine Science, 2019, University of South Florida

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